The modern composite gas cylinders

The modern composite gas cylinders

Visible fill level

Easy to carry

Extremely safe


These innovative composite gas cylinders not only look great,
but offer a ton of benefits.

Lighter. Safer. Versatile.

“I’m a flyweight!”


Improved handles and reduced weight make these gas cylinders easier to carry than ever. Believe it or not, the composite cylinders weigh only half as much as normal steel ones! That means no more difficult handling and heavy lifting, and almost zero risk of an accident.

“You can see right through me.”


Another great feature is the cylinder’s translucent design. You can easily see how much is left, and when it’s time to get a refill.

“Rust? Cracks? Not with me.”


Gas cylinders are usually in long-term use, and the standard steel ones are quick to rust. The paint peels and rust spreads, leaving ugly stains on the floor.
Rust flakes can sneak into lines or connected equipment and cause malfunctions.

But never again with the new composite cylinders! Made of tough composite material and fibreglass, they’re not only rustproof, but extremely hard to break.

“I’m not going to blow up that fast!”


LPG is flammable, so safety is the main priority. With steel cylinders, gas can escape uncontrollably or even burst the cylinder if the temperature hits 40 °C.

But composite cylinders can handle higher pressure than steel ones, and won’t burst at high temperatures (like in a fire). Instead, they release gas in a slow, controlled manner. Safety first!

“A ring of protection.”

With regular steel cylinders, you need to put a cover on them after use. The composite cylinders have a collar that protects the valve from damage, making a cover unnecessary.

“Take me with you!”


You can use the composite gas cylinders for the same purposes you would use the regular steel ones for – commercial, home and leisure. These composite cylinders have been in use for over 15 years and proven their viability under the most extreme conditions, from –40 °C in the Arctic to +65 °C in the desert and tropics. There are no restrictions on their use. No limits!

“What can I do for you?”

Here’s a selection of products and equipment you can attach to your composite gas cylinder.

Grilling and cooking

  • Gas grill
  • Camp stove
  • Gas hob
  • Gas grill hob
  • Gas wok
  • Gas oven


  • Gas cooler
  • Gas refrigerator


  • Gas heater
  • Gas heating unit
  • Gas cooker
  • Gas fan heater
  • Gas terrace heater
  • Gas water heater
  • Gas fireplace


  • Gas lamp
  • Gas lantern
  • Gas hanging lamp

and more...

  • Lawnmower
  • Generator
  • Water pump
  • High-pressure cleaner
  • Wood chipper
  • Log splitter
  • . ..

Meets the needs of the modern customer

The new gas cylinders have revolutionised the handling of gas and offer terrific benefits – an unbeatable combination of outstanding safety, excellent quality, innovative design and easy handling.

Welcome to a new era in gas cylinders. Composite gas cylinders are the next generation.


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